Hidden Meadow Golden Puppy Checklist

We have taken the time to compile a list that will help you prepare for your new
puppy. We have purchased from all of the merchants we mention and have
nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with them. We also
like to find the deal of the day and the merchants listed for that particular
product are the cheapest we have found. Dog.com has free shipping on all
orders over $49 and you can upgrade free shipping to FedEx ground for only
$2.95, told you we are bargain hunters! Please feel free to copy and paste this
into a Word Document so you can check items off as they are purchased. Also,
this checklist is applicable to any puppy purchased from any breeder, so even
if you aren’t a Hidden Meadow Parent, please feel free to utilize our knowledge
and experience, making appropriate adjustments where applicable.

Some points to ponder:

-        If you are continuing the crate training, please don’t waste your money on
the wire crates at PetsMart and other retail stores. The crate bottoms are very
flimsy, will crack easily and replacement bottoms are almost as much as a
whole new crate. The crates we recommend are by far superior, no matter the
cost, to ANY we have seen or purchased ourselves. The only ones that we find
comparable, actually the same crate just a bit more expensive and sold under a
different name, are the GoGo Crates from
-        We have researched so many different foods and find that Life's
Abundance always comes out on top. Unless you are feeding something of
even higher quality, we strongly recommend keeping your puppy on
Abundance. The same goes for the NuVet supplements. These are not the
same as PetTabs that you can buy anywhere that are full of sugar and fillers.
These mineral supplements are very similar to those recommended by vets for
working dogs.

The two main merchants we suggest purchasing from are either


We have listed the item numbers to the products we refer to in order to make it
easier and less confusing for you.
Click here for JeffersPet.com
__       Food: We recommend  Life's Abundance  please click on link for more
      To Order Online: http://www.lifesabundance.com/Pets/Petshome.aspx?

__       NuVet Plus Canine supplements: You can order by visiting
https://www.nuvet.com/74990  or calling 1-800-474-7400 and they will ask you
for a reference code: 74990. They give a discount if you sign up for auto ship.

__       A set of Poochie-Bells. Order on-line at
Order Poochie Bells

__        A small collar size 8-10 inches. This collar will probably only last you a
few weeks. We use the Omni Deer Tan Collar. You can find this by following
the link to
Dog.com on our site and then entering in item number 100706. Our
males wear a 21 or 23” and the females are in either a 19 or 21” by the time
they are about 6-9 months old.

__        6’ or 4’ leash. We prefer a 6’ for puppies and then a 4’ when a little
more grown and farther from the ground! If you want the matching one to the
collar above, it is item number 100707 at

__        ID tag. We have gone through tons of tags but finally found one that we
really like! AJ at
www.tagawagpetags.com has the best quality tags. If you are
getting a collar that buckles, the slide on tags are great. We recommend
getting the aluminum tags since they won’t tarnish.

__        Crate: We recommend getting the size your puppy will use for the rest
of their life.
&pid=12011M  this link will take you right to the product.  These come with a
divider panel. For the average female you will want a 42” crate, and for most
males, the 48”.

__        Depending on where you live, you will want a crate bed to go in it once
your pup is potty trained. DigItPet.com also has the best price around on these.
Just click on “Crate Pads” when buying your crate to add a bed. The 44” x 30”
is the correct size for a 42” crate and the 50”x 32” is the right one for a 48”

__        Food & Water bowl. Non-skid or pottery is recommended so it’s not
turned over easily. Adjustable height feeders are a wonderful idea.

__        Slicker brush like item 190101 in either size at

__        Nail clippers. We swear by Millers Forge (item #MF-C2 at Jeffers or
#190803 Large at

__        Thera-Stop in case you cut the nails too short. (#190701 at

__        Regular hair brush, works great on skirting and feathering when they
get it in.

__        Lint brush for you!

__        Tooth brush and toothpaste (item #220410 at

__        Hair clippers or scissors to trim paw pads if you have hard surface
flooring. You can pick up a human hair clipper set that is just what you will
need with nothing fancy on the hair care aisle at Wal-Mart or Target.

__        Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray – to deter chewing of just about anything
(item #32-T1 at
Jeffers or #321002 at Dog.com)

__        Chew treats like cow hooves, pig tails, bully sticks, lamb or pig ears
(pig ears for when pup is a little older, around 4 months). Best bet is item
number 8N-S1 the Hungry Dog Super Value Pack at

__       Toys. We like Dr. Noy’s toys, PipSqueakers, Puppy Kongs etc. Puppy
Kong Combo is a great way to go (item #311425 at
Dog.com in the large size)

__        Chilly Bone (090122 in Large at
Dog.com) for teething puppies

__        Treats and goodies!
www.WhiteDogHerbals.com has great treats and
biscuits. Also, in the beginning when you are training and giving lots of treats,
you can use a piece of their kibble and then just cut back at their next meal so
you don’t get upset tummies. We also like the Natural Balance Food Rolls
(#UG-N1 at
Jeffers) for training treats, just unwrap and slice off into whatever
size you want and the rest keeps in the refrigerator for a long time. Remember
to count treats towards food for the day. It is very important to not let your
puppy become overweight.

__        Shampoo. Since you will be bathing your puppy more frequently than
when they get older, a shampoo that is soap and detergent free is key. Any of
the TheraPet line from
Dog.com or the Jeffers brand from Jeffers are ideal. We
use the TheraPet Fresh Scent (#
191031) on puppies and our own dogs.

__        Potty bags for when taking walks. #LP-BE at
Jeffers attaches to any
leash so it’s handy.

__        Baby gate for stairs and depending on your floor plan. If you have
stairs, you will want to prevent your Golden pup from using them as a play
ground. We strongly discourage letting your puppy traipse up and down the
stairs since it is so stressful on their developing joints. We have found the best
price on swing gates that can be used on stairs and don’t have to be taken
down like regular baby gates, at Toys-R-Us in the baby department. Puppies
should not be left to roam the house on their own. You will want to confine
them to an area that you can supervise so baby gates are an ideal solution to
confining the puppy in the kitchen with you while cooking, or in the living room
while watching TV. It only takes a second for a puppy to get a hold of electrical
cords, toilet paper or other items that at best will make a mess, but at worse
will result in a trip to the vet to prevent a blockage or puncture. For a regular
size door, the least expensive is always the baby gates sold in the baby
department at a retail store. If you need something to cover a larger area, Dog.
com has a large selection that can span as much as 13’.

We have tried to cover all the bases with this list, but if you have something to
add, please let us know! Bringing home a puppy is like bringing home a baby,
you will want to have most of these items on hand so that you don’t have to go
out and get them. Whether this is your first or tenth dog, we know that you will
still have questions, either about items on the list or about things we didn’t
cover. As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email us with ANY questions
you have.