Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are your dogs all European lines?
A: Yes. All of our dogs have been imported.

Q: What is the price of your puppies?
A: Our puppies are $
3,000 and include micro-chipping, a two year health
guarantee, vaccinations, vet visit and health certificate, AKC registration
paperwork, puppy care package and a lifetime of support from us.

Q: How do I get on your waiting list for a puppy?
A: The first step is to complete an application. We will then set up a time
to talk over the phone. If at that time you feel that Hidden Meadow
Goldens is the breeder for you and we feel that you are the puppy parent
for us, you will be approved to go on the waiting list. Our waiting list
goes in order of when we have received a $
500 cleared, non-refundable
wait list fee.

Q: Is the $
500 wait list fee refundable?
A: No. The wait list fee is non-refundable for any reason. We will defer
your wait list fee to the next litter available or to your preferred litter,
whichever your decide. If while on the waiting list you opt to defer to a
future timed litter, we will maintain your spot on the waiting list so that
you will not have to wait all over again.

Q: Can I choose the puppy parents or does my application just go in order
of first come, first served?
A: You can certainly choose the parents. We ask that you please keep in
mind that with the exception of certain parents that are related, the sire of
a litter might change depending on the whims of the dam, so choosing
either a father or mother might be safer and come up sooner than a
particular specific pairing. When that litter comes available we will still
go in the order of the applications as we have put them on the waiting list
so your application might be too far down to insure a puppy. If your
application is up but it is for a different litter we will always give you
first right of refusal. For example, if you specify a preference towards a
Aria puppy but your application is close enough to the top that you are
able to get a Cadence puppy, we will always ask what you would rather,
take the Cadence pup or wait for the Aria pup, before making any

Q: Do you sell any puppies with full registration?
A: No, and we do not make any exceptions on this point.

Q: What is the difference between full and limited registration?
A: Not really all that much. Limited registration with the AKC allows for
the dog to participate in all events with the exception of the confirmation
shows (like the Eukanuba Classic) and have any offspring registered with
the AKC. Full registration allows the owner of that dog to show in the
confirmation shows as well as breed and register the offspring with the
AKC. We do not sell on full registration because of our commitment to the

Q: When are the puppies ready to go home?
A: 8 weeks after they are born. We will ship out that day or if you are
picking your puppy up, they will be ready that day.

Q: When the puppies go home, what vaccinations have they had?
A: We vaccinate the puppies at 4, 5 and 7 weeks with NeoPar and at 6
weeks with their first puppy booster, they get another at 8 weeks from the
vet. They have been wormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks. So depending
on your vet, the puppy will be due for 2-3 more booster shots where they
will also add Lepto, Corona, Bordetella and any other necessary vaccines
to your area. In most states, your puppy will be due for their rabies
vaccine on their last visit, usually at 16 weeks. We include a puppy health
record that keeps track of all of their medical history for the first 8 weeks
so that you can provide your vet with it.

Q: When should the puppy be spayed or neutered?
A: This depends on your vet. I have seen some vets neuter a puppy as
soon as both testes distend, but the average is around 6 months for both a
spay or neuter. Please note if your vet insists on letting a female go
through a heat cycle before spaying, either change vets or insist on the
surgery earlier. Letting a female go through a cycle before spaying is a
very old way of thinking and there is no proven reason to do so, only
medical reasons why NOT to do so.   

Q: Do you ship your puppies? And if so, what is the price?
A: Yes. We have shipped our puppies all over the country. We charge
$150 plus actual shipping cost to cover crate, and travel to the airport. All
you will be responsible for is to show your ID when you pick your puppy
up. We use many different airlines and chose the one with the shortest

Q: Can we pick our puppy up when they are ready to go home?
A: We do not have a policy against picking your puppy up in person but
do have a strong preference to shipping if you will have to drive more
than 3 hours. Our reasoning behind this is that if you have to drive more
than 3 hours you will have to stop to let the puppy go potty. Puppies do
not have their full immunity until 16 weeks of age, or once their puppy
boosters have been completed, and when you stop you will not know what
has been there before you and if it has been vaccinated. When you do that,
you are opening your puppy up to unnecessary exposure.

Q: Have your dogs been health tested?
A: Yes. All of our dogs have had and passed the usual testing seen with a
Golden Retriever; hips, elbows, eyes & heart.

Q: Do you offer any kind of extended training?
A: Yes, we offer Puppy Camp. Puppy Camp starts after the puppy is 8
weeks old, and how long is up to you. We prefer at least two weeks so
that we can really spend time on working with the puppy on a one-on-one
basis. During Puppy Camp we basically treat your puppy like one of our
own! They continue on their crate training and potty training, are worked
with on bell training, basic commands, on and off leash training as well as
continuing their socialization. Another aspect that is especially beneficial
to puppy parents who live in a different time zone, is that we sit down
with you and find out what your anticipated schedule will be for the
puppy, i.e.; feeding, crate or nap time, times to go out, etc. and get the
puppy used to that schedule in your time zone. For example, if you
anticipate waking pup up around 7am PST for potty and then breakfast, we
would do the same at 10am EST so that when the puppy goes home, the
transition is easier. In Puppy Camp we will also work on areas that are
specific to the puppy parent. Again, there is no minimum for Puppy Camp,
but we prefer at least two weeks and the cost is $350 a week.

Q: Are we able to come and meet you and your dogs?
A: We do not allow visitors, only puppy parents. Please read our
“Contact/Visitor Information” page for a detailed reason why.

Q: Do you ever have any older dogs available?
A: We very rarely have a puppy that needs to be re-homed. When that
happens we will ask our puppy parents who are already on the waiting
list for a puppy if they would be interested first, but please feel free to
email and we will keep your information handy.

Please check back as we will be adding questions as we think of them!
Also, please don’t think that this page is intended to answer all of your
questions; we love to talk to potential puppy parents so feel free to call or
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