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Visitors Information

We at Hidden Meadow Golden Retrievers are always excited to meet
our prospective puppy parents in person. Unfortunately due to health
reasons and bad experiences with previous visitors we have laid down
some rules that we feel we must adhere to for everyone’s, especially the
dogs and puppies, benefit.

When researching how to choose a good breeder, most puppy buyers
will come across articles saying that visiting a breeder is a necessary
step in choosing a good breeder. The implication is that breeders that do
not allow visitors are lower quality, provide less customer service, or
have something to hide.

Personally, we feel that most of those opinions were arrived at decades
ago, and have not been adjusted to the current state of canine health.
Parvo virus did not even exist until the late 1970's, and has only become
an epidemic in the last 10 years.  This virus is deadly to young puppies,
who are in the delicate process of being weaned from their mother's
immunity to this contagion, and developing their own immunity to it.  
There is a period of time during which they are very vulnerable, and
exposure to this virus causes vomiting, diarrhea, and ultimately death.  It
is impossible to treat in young puppies and uniformly fatal....whole
litters are usually lost if one puppy contracts it.

One thing that makes protection from this virus so difficult is that it is
extremely hardy. It can live in an outdoor environment, even among
blistering or freezing temperatures, for up to 7 months.  Practically the
only thing that can kill it is bleach, and it is easily carried on clothing
and shoes. Someone could walk through a parking lot at a mall with a
pet store the week before visiting, pick up the virus on their shoes and
then bring it into the breeder's environment.  This event could even
occur months BEFORE the puppies are born, and the puppies could still
be at risk when they reach that vulnerable age.   

We try to minimize the traffic in an out of our house by limiting visitors
to those that have been allocated a puppy from a current litter. Puppy
parents that have already been made aware that a puppy in the litter is
theirs are welcome to come and visit once the puppies have had their
initial immunization, so they at least have a start on their own immunity,
at 6 weeks.  

So, instead of indicating something to hide, or an uncaring attitude, a
breeder that limits visitation is just putting the health and welfare of
their puppies first.  We hope families considering working with us will
see that as an attribute!

Requests of Visitors:

-        As stated in the information above, we do not allow visitors to
our house. Please understand that again, we are doing this for the health
of our dogs and puppies both present and future.

-       If you are a puppy parent who is coming to visit your new
addition between the 6-8 week range, we will have the puppies in an
area where you can see the entire litter but will only allow you to visit
with your puppy. We do this since things can happen; puppies can be
dropped, pulled, sat or stepped on when an entire litter is running
around, especially with small children. Please know that we will also
be protecting your puppy in the same manner.

-        We request that you agree not to visit any pet store or other
breeder on the day you will be coming to visit Hidden Meadow Golden

-        We will request that you remove your shoes before coming into
the house.

-        We will request that you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
provided here before touching any of the dogs.

-        If you are bringing small children we ask that you hold your child
on your lap. Our dogs are very friendly which might be a little too
friendly for a small child who is at the right height for full face kisses!

-        Please note that the 6 week start of visiting if you are a puppy
parent may not always hold true. If there is more than one litter on the
premises, we will have to wait until the youngest is 6 weeks old. That
may mean that you are not able to visit your puppy before they are ready
to go home. If when your puppy is ready to go home, there are still other
litters that are younger than 6 weeks, we ask that you not be offended if
we have your puppy and his or her things ready for you and sit down to
discuss any questions you might have on our porch rather than inside the
house. We want to protect those puppies as much as we protected yours!