We are a small breeder of 100% imported European Golden
Retrievers in central Florida. Up until a few years ago we had never
heard of the English type Golden Retriever. Then, we met Sasha. We
knew Sasha was sick before we picked her up to bring her home, but
we could not walk away to let her be put down. Sasha was a little
polar bear of fluff and so full of life and energy. Sasha shared her joy
with us for a little under a year and a half before she left us. After
meeting Sasha and sharing our lives with her, we knew that we wanted
another English Golden Retriever. After speaking with breeders here
in the US, we decided on importing our new Golden. We researched
breeders in Europe and contacted only the most reputable. We brought
home our first pup, Rufus and after that, we knew that we could not
stop at just one! In some cases, we waited for years before the breeder
trusted us enough to send us a puppy. Along with health screening and
other things, we primarily looked at breeders for a common ideal of
what breeding should be, and wanted each of our pups to come from
homes where yes, their parents were champions, but that’s not why
they existed. They existed as pets, part of the family, who liked going
to shows where they happened to be champions.

At Hidden Meadow, we feel that it is important that you
know the breeder of your new pup and what they feel is an ideal
breeder. We love our dogs as part of our family. We raise all of our
dogs in the house and they live in the house with us as part of the
family. We do not have a kennel or outside dogs, we have family
members that walk on all fours. When we built our house we knew that
our kids would be inside with us so we put down hardwood floors so
that carpets would not get soiled and dust/hair bunnies could not hide!
We air conditioned our garage and use that as our crate room, and our
dogs eat and sleep at night in their crates because, 7 dogs can get into a
lot of mischief while mommy sleeps! The fenced yard is a little under
an acre with lots of shade trees and toys. We let our dogs be dogs!
They get to take mud baths (see pictures under grooming!), chew on
sticks, de-fluff toys, run and play.

Since our dogs are part of our family, we can tell you about each one
like a parent can tell you about their child. Each of our dogs has their
own distinct, unique personality, but one thing remains constant; they
are the biggest lovers! From Rufus who loves to carry around a toy or
lay on the ground belly up with one in his mouth, to Rider who can
barely contain his excitement long enough to let you sit down before he
jumps in your lap. Then there is Prudence who loves to get moss out of
the trees and, like her brother, covets toys! Fancy loves to help in the
kitchen and won’t leave my side for a minute if I am cooking. Layla
who rules the roost, will join you in the shower or tub without any
hesitation! Annabelle, who acts shy to get the best toys and loves the
cat like a long lost sister and plays with butterflies. Di who’s heart is
bigger than she is, will join you in the bathroom every time to make
sure you don’t fall in or get lost coming out!

We don’t have our dogs because we breed, we have our dogs because
we love them!

We breed imported English Golden Retrievers for obedience, agility,
field but most importantly; home.

We believe that temperament is the most important thing, that is why
we breed English Golden Retrievers as opposed to their American

What is the difference between American and English Goldens?

*Most noticeable is coloring. English Goldens run very light, from
light blonde to a creamy white while American Goldens run blonde to

*Second English Goldens tend to be more compact and stocky whereas
American Goldens can be leggy and slight.

*Most importantly is temperament, English Goldens are very laid back,
easy going and eager to please while stereotypically American
Goldens are slightly hyper and more energetic.

We breed only 100% imported English Golden Retrievers in order to
maintain the European breed standard and OFA hips to insure only
quality breeding and puppies.
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